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The MedWin Group The MedWin Group team of consultants offers in-depth knowledge of the broad range of critical issues that Hospitals, Medical Practices, and other Healthcare Organizations face today.

Our experience in all areas of Practice Management Operations and Revenue Cycle help successfully deliver solutions that strive to secure the financial health of our clients and the high quality of care their patients deserve. We utilize an infusion of analytics, performance monitoring tools, revenue cycle workflow techniques, and strategic business-provider partnerships to develop efficiencies within healthcare organizations and identify new opportunities for growth.

Our services target all areas of Revenue Enhancement, Improved Data Capture, and Cost Management. Our suite of services can be tailored to meet the needs of any organization, large or smaller. The MedWin Group drives positive change that crosses all segments of the provider business and patient care environment by providing solutions to sustain those results independently.

Through combined years of experience, our team has helped healthcare providers achieve improved results using well developed business models designed to build sustainability within their organizations. The MedWin Group is committed to continuing to help lead its clients with the underlying principle to provide services with integrity, honesty, and in the best interest of the clients and their patients.



What Others Say

The MedWin Group's focus and depth of experience can be tremendous assets to a practice considering a merger, re-organization or sale. They are true problem-solvers who can help practices find opportunities even in an adverse environment. Practices looking to add value should seriously consider adding The MedWin Group to their roster of consultants.

Robert Conroy Esq.
Kern Augustine Conroy & Schoppmann, P.C.