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The Medwin Group offers a comprehensive menu of services which touch critical facets of a practice's operations and our customized unique solutions help promote the quality of care goals of our clients while alleviating the reimbursement pressures experienced in the healthcare marketplace today.

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Medical Practice Services

Practice Management and Electronic Health Record implementation is one of the greatest challenges that physicians are faced with today as they struggle to meet the Stimulus deadline to be fully implemented by 2015 in order to avoid the financial impact of Medicare penalties.  But you don't have to do it alone, The Medwin Group will work with you and your staff at any level needed.

  1. We will help you identify your readiness to implement change as well as prepare your team for the long implementation period
  2. We will map out your current workflow and help you create a revised and improved workflow that will accommodate the PM and/or EHR
  3. We will help you develop the complete project management along with a realistic timeline that will  deliver realistic expectations

Our Revenue Cycle Management and Consulting Services help physicians assess and improve all segments of their business processes that directly impact insurance and patient recoveries for services as well as the costs associated with billing and insurance follow up. We pride ourselves in the ability to completely reengineer your entire revenue cycle and provide a smooth transition during the implementation of best practices within your organization that will directly improve your bottom line.   In order to maintain a higher level of performance we also work with your staff to develop a customized set of policies and procedures that is unique to the needs of the organization.

Reporting is also a critical component of the revenue cycle, therefore, we provide medical practices with the proper reporting tools as well as educate them about the importance of monitoring the practice's Key Performance Indicators (KPI).  Every practice has its own set of KPI that is chosen in alignment with the needs and goals of the leadership of the practice.

There are times when a medical practice finds itself in need for temporary solutions.  These temporary needs can cover a variety of areas.  They could be simple staffing needs or the important decision of outsourcing the billing for a short period time.  The Medwin Group will provide your practice with a seamless transition where cash flow will be uninterrupted. We implement the best billing practices and when your practice is ready to take the billing back in-house, it can do so once again without cash flow interruption.

Every practice deserves a fresh start.  If you are implementing a new Practice Management along with your Electronic Health Record software, consider outsourcing the old accounts receivable.  During change, your staff will have a tough time with the new system as it tries to keep up with the needs of the old system.  By outsourcing the old accounts receivable, you allow your staff to concentrate on implementing best practices in the new Practice Management system, while we simultaneously work diligently on securing your cash flow.

The MedWin Group is the ideal partner for bringing practices together.  We work with all the parties involved and successfully identify the best way to build on existing strengths as we help overcome weaknesses.

A successful merger or acquisition needs an independent party that will take the role of the facilitator which can in turn be in charge of developing the new infrastructure.  The Medwin Group works with the practices accountants and attorneys in order to expedite the final outcome.


What Others Say

The MedWin Group's focus and depth of experience can be tremendous assets to a practice considering a merger, re-organization or sale. They are true problem-solvers who can help practices find opportunities even in an adverse environment. Practices looking to add value should seriously consider adding The MedWin Group to their roster of consultants.

Robert Conroy Esq.
Kern Augustine Conroy & Schoppmann, P.C.